CMPT110_Assignment03 - CMPT 110 Homework 3 (2% of final...

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CMPT 110 – Homework 3 (2% of final grade) Due: Monday October 6 th , in class Late assignments will not be accepted. What to hand in: a print-out of your Visual Basic code one printed screenshot of your program as it’s running a Zip file containing all your project files: o in Windows Explorer, go to My Documents | Visual Studio | Projects (or wherever you’ve saved your project) o right-click on the folder that has your project in it, and select either “Add to Archive”, “Add to Zip file” or “Send To | Compressed (zipped) folder” o submit this file online via (ignore the certificate warnings on this site) Description For this assignment, you will make a calculator, similar to the built-in Windows calculator, but with some simplifications. This assignment will be considerably more complex than the last two; as such, you’ll have two weeks to finish it, and it will be worth 2% instead of 1%. Your calculator should look similar to this when finished: You can change the appearance (colours, layout, button size and shape, etc.) if you wish, as long as the final design is neat and logical.
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How it works The display window At the top of the form, there is an area to display numbers, which we will call “the display window.” More on this later. Input Input is only via the mouse; you cannot type numbers or commands with the keyboard. To enter a number into the display window, you must click the number buttons (0-9). Buttons 1-9 all work the same, but button 0 works slightly differently: Buttons 1-9 When any of these buttons are clicked, the digit on the button that is clicked is attached to the end of the number in the display window. For example, if the number in the display window is 24 and the 5 button is clicked, then the new number in the display window will be
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CMPT110_Assignment03 - CMPT 110 Homework 3 (2% of final...

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