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CMPT110_Assignment07 - CMPT 110 Assignment 7 Value 3 of...

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CMPT 110 – Assignment 7 Value: 3% of final grade Program due: Monday, November 24 th , in class (15:30) What to hand in a print-out of your code, and one screenshot showing your form; also, ZIP/RAR your entire VB project folder and submit it via https://submit.cs.sfu.ca. Penalties late submissions (either paper or electronic): 25% off per day no paper submission: 25% off no electronic submission / incorrect electronic submission: 25% off. If you are uncertain what an “incorrect electronic submission” is, talk to me. Description For this assignment, you will make a simple movie catalog. Each movie in the catalog will be represented by a Movie class , which has variables for a movie’s title, year and genre. The catalog itself will be represented in the program as a list of Movie objects . The movie data will come from a file : movieList.txt. Each line of the file contains the data of one movie: its title, its year and its genre, all separated by tabs . The file contains over 200 movies, and is sorted by title.
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