101codeSpring2011 - INDV101 Language Subject to change as...

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INDV101 – Language Code of Conduct for Spring 2011 Subject to change as needed Page 1 of 3 Student and Instructor Code of Conduct Note: Failure to abide by the guidelines in this code will result in a grade penalty, and/or a failing grade and/or expulsion from the course or university, depending on the nature of the violation. We will follow the procedures outlined by the Dean of Students for Code of Conduct violations, should they occur. Lecture Instructor: Your Lecture Instructor will, to the best of her ability: Be prepared for each lecture, and start and end lectures at the scheduled times. Treat students with respect. Be honest in interactions with all students and colleagues. Provide access to a written syllabus, calendar and code of conduct outlining course requirements and policies by making those documents available on the course website ( http://www.u.arizona.edu/~avf/INDV101 ) and in d2l ( http://d2l.arizona.edu ) Provide access to the syllabus, course policies, calendar, and code of conduct via the homepage and d2l. Be available during office hours and by appointment, and if office hours must be cancelled or postponed, attempt to mitigate the effect of these changes on students. Respond in no more than 2 business days to all student questions and requests submitted via email by 5pm on a preceding business day. Write emails that are polite and professional in tone, and that are written using Standard Written American English, and generally accepted spelling and punctuation conventions.
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101codeSpring2011 - INDV101 Language Subject to change as...

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