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409Quiz5A - numbers of observations in each possible...

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STAT 409 Fall 2009 Name _________________________ Version A Quiz 5 (5 points) Be sure to show all your work, your partial credit might depend on it. No credit will be given without supporting work. 1. A travel agent randomly sampled individuals in her target market to determine if there is any association between the respondents’ gender and the methods used by respondents to make airline reservations for their last leisure trip. The following table shows the
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Unformatted text preview: numbers of observations in each possible cross-classification. Test the null hypothesis of no association between subjects’ gender and method used to make airline reservations at a 5% level of significance. Reservation Method Female Male Used a travel agent 50 40 Booked on the Internet 150 80 Called the airline’s toll-free number 40 40 Test Statistic: __________. Critical Value(s): __________ OR P-value: _______________. Decision: _______________....
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