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Assignments_2011 feedback and answers - MNF2023 IMPORTANT...

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MNF2023/101/3/2011 IMPORTANT INFORMATION: READ THIS TUTORIAL LETTER FIRST. IT CONTAINS THE COMPULSORY ASSIGNMENTS. DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT AND BANKING FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT MNF2023 Tutorial Letter 101/2011 Semesters 1 & 2 SCHEME OF WORK, STUDY RESOURCES AND ASSIGNMENTS Contents 1 A word of welcome 2 Communication with your lecturers 3 Student support system 4 Study material 5 How the assignment system works 6 How the examination system works 7 Suggested study programme Appendix A – Contact details Appendix B – Prescribed material Appendix C – Assignments Appendix D – List of official booksellers Appendix E – Study skills
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MNF2023/101 2 1 A WORD OF WELCOME We have pleasure in welcoming you to this module in Financial Management and hope that you will find it both interesting and rewarding. For our part, we will do our best to assist you with any academically related queries you may have. You will be well on your way to success if you start studying early in the semester/year and resolve to do the assignment(s) properly. You will receive a number of tutorial letters during the year. A tutorial letter is our way of communicating with you about teaching, learning and assessment. Please read all the tutorial letters you receive during the semester immediately and carefully , as they always contain important and, sometimes, urgent information. Tutorial Letter 101 (this one) contains important information about the scheme of work, resources and assignments for this module. We urge you to read it carefully and to keep it at hand when working through the study material, completing the assignments, preparing for the examination and directing questions to your lecturers. Please read Tutorial Letter 301 in combination with Tutorial Letter 101, as together they give you important information about studying via distance education through a particular college. This tutorial letter contains the assignments and assessment criteria, as well as instructions for completing and submitting the assignments. It also provides all the information you need with regard to the prescribed study material and other resources and how to obtain them. Please study this information carefully and make sure that you obtain the prescribed material as soon as possible. We have also included certain general and administrative information about this module. Please study this section of the tutorial letter carefully. 2 COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR LECTURERS Refer to Appendix A for the contact details of the lecturer(s) for this module. Please note that all queries that are not of a purely administrative nature, but relate to the content of this module, should be directed to us. Please have your study material with you when you contact us. PLEASE NOTE
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Assignments_2011 feedback and answers - MNF2023 IMPORTANT...

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