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Department of Electrical Engineering GENG 200: Probability & Statistics for Engineers Spring 2010: Computer-Based Project Assignment Firm Due Date: 23/5/2010 at 14pm 1. Go to the Doha Security Market web site at ( http://www2.dsm.com.qa/dsm ), and collect the closing price of Qatar Islamic Bank for the period between May 9th to May 15th, 2010 and save it in a Excel file. Use the data to produce the numerical measures that were covered in the class (such as maximum, minimum, mean, median, variance, standard deviation etc). Present the data graphically using plot and histogram, and write your comments on it. 2. Generate 100 random variables using Matlab. Add the last three digit of your student Id to the set of random variables you generated. Find the maximum, minimum, mean, median, variance, standard deviation using Matlab commands. Use Matlab command to present your data graphically to plot Histogram, Boxplot, cdfplot, qqplot. 3. U.S. petroleum imports, import as percentage of total, and Persian Gulf imports as a percentage of all imports by year since 1973 (source: U.S.
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