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Question Mark (1) / 3 (2) / 4 (3) / 4 (4) Bonus (5) / 4 (6) / 4 (7) / 5 (8) / 6 / Total / 30 Final Exam Probability and Statistics, GENG200 Spring 2010 SAMPLE SOLUTION Date Start time Duration No. of pages Sun. 13 th June 2010 08:00 am 120 min 5 STUDENT NAME :_________________________________ STUDENT ID :_________________________________ Answer All the following questions INSTRUCTIONS 1. All writings must be on this booklet only. 2. Read and observe the following rules: a. No candidate shall be permitted to enter the examination room after the expiration of one–half hour, or to leave during the first half–hour of the examination. b. Candidates are not permitted to ask questions of the invigilators, except in cases of supposed errors or ambiguities in examination questions. Caution – Candidates guilty of any of the following, or similar, dishonest practices shall be immediately dismissed from the examination and shall be liable to disciplinary action: Making use of any books, papers or memoranda, cell phones, calculators, audio or visual cassette players or other memory aid devices, other than as authorized by the examiners. Speaking or communicating with other candidates. Purposely exposing written papers to the view of other candidates. The plea of accident or forgetfulness shall not be received. 3. Show all your work. Justify your answers. Partial credit is possible for an answer, but only if you show the intermediate steps in obtaining the answer.
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Student Name: Student ID: Page 2 of 6 Question 1: [3 Marks] A lot of 100 electronic components is inspected by choosing a sample of five components. Assume that 10 of the components do not conform to customer requirements. a) How many different samples are possible? b) How many samples of five contains exactly one nonconforming component? c) How many samples of five contain at least one nonconforming component? Solution: 2-41. a) From equation 2-4, the number of samples of size five is ( ) 007 + 7.5288e ! 95 ! 5 ! 100 100 5 = = b) There are 10 ways of selecting one nonconforming chip and there are ( ) 006 + 2.5552e ! 86 ! 4 ! 90 90 4 = = ways of selecting four conforming chips. Therefore, the number of samples that contain exactly one nonconforming chip is 10 ( ) 90 4 = 2.5552e+007 c) The number of samples that contain at least one nonconforming chip is the total number of samples ( ) 5 140 minus the number of samples that contain no nonconforming chips ( ) 5 130 .
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GENG200_Final_Exam_13_6_2010_Solution - Final Exam...

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