Matlab Primer - Matlab Primer Matlab is the abbreviation...

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Matlab Primer Matlab is the abbreviation for Matrix Laboratory, a matrix processing language that is applicable to scientific and engineering data processing. This versatile programming language allows you to easily create your own special functions and programs known as M-Files. A specialized collection of M-Files for working on a particular class of problems is known as Toolbox. Matrices and Vectors In Matlab, A row vector A having 3 elements is defined as follows: >>A = [0 2 3] A column matrix is given by >>A = [0; 2; 3] The transpose of A is given by A’. The 3 x 3 matrices B and C can be entered as follows: >>B = [2 4 5; 2 -9 0; 7 5 2] >>C= [1 -2 3; 2 1 2; 8 9 -1] The product of two matrices B and C (if conformable for multiplication) is given by B*C. Note that B*C is not equal to C*B. For element by element multiplication a dot is used after the first matrix, viz. B.*C Matrix operations, array operations The following matrix operations are available in MATLAB: + addition - subtraction * multiplication ^ power ' transpose \ left division / right division Array operations. The matrix operations of addition and subtraction already operate entry-wise but the other matrix operations given above do not-they are matrix operations. It is important to observe that these other operations,
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* , ^ , \ , and /, can be made to operate entry-wise by preceding them by a period. For example, either [1,2,3,4].*[1,2,3,4] or [1,2,3,4].^2 will yield [1,4,9,16]. Try it. This is particularly useful when using Matlab graphics. Matrix building functions Convenient matrix building functions are eye(10) identity matrix zeros(10) matrix of zeros ones(10) matrix of ones diag(A) returns diagonal M.E. as vector triu(A) upper triangular part of a matrix tril(A) lower triangular part of a matrix rand(10) randomly generated matrix hilb(5) Hilbert matrix magic(5) magic square toeplitz see help toeplitz For example, zeros(m,n) produces an m-by-n matrix of zeros and zeros(n) produces an n-by-n one; if A is a matrix, then zeros(A) produces a matrix of zeros of the same size as A . If x is a vector, diag(x) is the diagonal matrix with x down the diagonal; if A is a
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Matlab Primer - Matlab Primer Matlab is the abbreviation...

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