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quiz_5__Chap_7_sol - 1 X 2 …X n is a normally and...

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Qatar University, College of Engineering Probability and statistics, GENG200 Instructor: Dr. Ridha Hamila Quiz 5 (Time: 10 minutes) 25 rd of May 2010 Name: Student ID: Question: Consider determining the sampling distribution of the sample mean X Suppose that a random sample of size n taken from a normal population with mean ܧሺݔሻൌߤ and ܸܽݎሺݔሻൌߪ . Now each observation in this sample say X
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Unformatted text preview: 1 , X 2 …X n is a normally and independent distributed random variable with mean ߤ and variance ߪ ଶ . X ൌ x భ ାx మ ାڮx ౤ ୬ Determine the mean and variance of the sampling distribution. Answer: ߤ ௑ ത ൌ ߤ ൅ ߤ ൅ ߤ ൅ ڮ ൅ ߤ ݊ ൌ ߤ ߪ ௑ ത ଶ ൌ ߪ ଶ ൅ ߪ ଶ ൅ ߪ ଶ ൅ ڮ ൅ ߪ ଶ ݊ ൌ ߪ ଶ ݊...
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