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Qatar University, College of Engineering Probability and statistics, GENG200 Instructor: Dr. Ridha Hamila Quiz 6 (Time: 10 minutes) 27 rd of May 2010 Name: Student ID: Question: For a normal population with known ܸܽݎሺݔሻൌߪ . What is the confidence level for the interval ݔҧ െ ଶ.ସଽ ఙ √௡ ൑ߤ൑ݔҧ ൅ 2.49ߪ/√݊ Answer: The confidence level for n x n x / 49 . 2 / 49 . 2 σ μ + is determined by the by the value of z 0 which is 2.14. From Table III,
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