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CB People v. Kevorkian - He was indicted on two counts of...

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People v. Kevorkian 527 N.W.2d 714 (Mich. 1994) Fact: Procedural Facts: Operative Facts: Two ladies who were in great pain or severely disabling, contacted the defendant and wanted his help with suicide. He had a few suicide aids. The two ladies died separate ways. 1 st one was a machine that helped put them to sleep, and would poison them in their sleep. The second one was a gas mask which allowed carbon monoxide gas in, and they would breath it until they died of carbon monoxide poisoning.
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Unformatted text preview: He was indicted on two counts of open murder, defendant wanted to dismiss the charges. Issue: Broad Question: Narrow Question: Is Assisted Suicide legal? Rule: Suicide itself is not a crime. But Assisted suicide law is a temporary law. Rational: An assisted suicide law is both intrinsically morally and legally wrong. Also there is possibility that it could be abused, said the Canadian courts. Holding: Not sure, but I would hope not. Synthesis: Dissent/Concurrences:...
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