Week 4 Pro. Skill - a.iii.5 Make sure it’s a holding not...

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Primary goal of research is to: Answer your clients problems, or solve a problem. Terms to search for: 1) Parties involved 2) Places and things 3) Potential claims and defenses 4) Relief sought a. Monetary a.i. Compensation a.ii. General a.iii. Punitive (Big money) a.iv. Restitution (to restore someone monetary wise to a previous state) b. Equitable b.i. Injunction Consulting secondary sources 1) Index 2) Tables of Contents 5 steps to research 1) Terms (Brainstorm) 2) Consult Secondary Sources (index) or Tec 3) Consult Main Volume of Index Sources 4) See Relevant Key Digest 5) Cases 1) Compare precedential Value of the cases (Binding or persuasive) a. Primary. a.i. 1 Binding a.ii. Good law or not a.ii.1. Reversed a.ii.2. Vacated a.ii.3. Overruled a.iii. Persuasive a.iii.1. Look for factual similarities a.iii.2. Look at date of opinion a.iii.3. *Courts reasoning a.iii.4. Subsequent Treatment
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Unformatted text preview: a.iii.5. Make sure it’s a holding, not a dicta a.iii.6. Published or Unpublished a.iii.7. Reputation of the Judge a.iii.8. En Bonc Decision (the amount of judges) a.iv. 2 Binding Cases (example) a.iv.1. Plaintiff’s Duty status at time of accident (on or off duty) a.iv.2. Location of accident a.iv.3. Activity plaintiff was engaged in a.iv.4. Actually different rules a.iv.4.a. Distinguish cases. a.iv.4.a.i. Factual /Procedural Differences a.iv.4.a.i.1.Lending institution v. other types of business a.iv.4.a.ii. Rule is an Exception to the general rule a.iv.4.a.iii. Future cases a.iv.4.a.iii.1. Appellate cases that point out the cases a.iv.5. Both Binding cases a.iv.5.a. Predict a.iv.5.a.i. Where is the law headed a.iv.5.a.ii. Reasoning a.iv.5.a.iii. Reasonable resolve...
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Week 4 Pro. Skill - a.iii.5 Make sure it’s a holding not...

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