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Lecture 3 Notes - 1/26/07 Transcription of Dr. Wayne`s...

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1/26/07 Transcription of Dr. Wayne’s Lecture What Is The Origin Of Life? NOTE: You do not need to know the formulas that were presented in lecture today J Study Aide: Complete the practice questions that Randy writes for you [pre-lecture & post-lecture questions posted online]. If you have any questions about how to answer them, please ask in class OR attend office hours. Last lecture covered : Serendipity & chance may provide important opportunities if you have a prepared mind. The nature of scientific discovery. The role of chance in biological research. The Fermi Solution, the power of numbers, and dimensional analysis – analytical approach leads you to answers Today’s lecture will cover : The origin of life (ppt Clicker Question): The correct answer to the question about Fleming’s research is letter C. This question emphasizes the scientific value of a prepared mind recognizing accidental discoveries. _________________ (ppt) Why is Robert Frost’s poem relevant to studying the origin of life??? What does this reflect that Randy wants you to think about? (ppt) Recommended books for interested parties to read about the origin of life…… (ppt) Where did life originate? Up to the 1,700’s it was not known how women conceived Spontaneous generation believed to be the source of life [evidence of this argued when one looked at insects emerging from mud] (ppt) Poet [Francesco Redi] Experiments disproved spontaneous generation hypothesis. What evidence was used to disprove the spontaneous generation hypothesis? [see ppts] (ppt) 17 th century through 18 th century evidence mounted that was used to demonstrate that life arose from pre-existing life. (ppt) Needham provided what evidence that spontaneous generation WAS the source of life??? See his experiment summarized on the ppt slides. (ppt) Spallanzani TESTED Needham’s experiment and demonstrated that microbes 1
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1/26/07 Transcription of Dr. Wayne’s Lecture MUST be PRESENT in order for life to proliferate. Disproved the spontaneous generation hypothesis Argued life arises from pre-existing life forms (ppt) Needham’s supporters argued that Spallanzani only demonstrated that life needed air to exist [why might they conclude this? See ppts for description of experiment]. (ppt Series) Louis Pasteur [KNOW WHO THIS IS, HIS EXPERIMENT & WHY IT’S IMPORTANT] Allowed free movement of air Inhibited free movement of microbes Sterilization prohibited the movement of microbes—result was no growth of microbes [how does the shape of the flask relate to his experiment??] Pasteurization is, therefore, best described as?? (ppt) Origin of Life??? Some concluded that if life did NOT arise spontaneously than it must come from outer space [Theory of Panspermia] Panspermia literally means?? [see ppt] o Seeds everywhere (ppt) Arrhenius (1908) wrote, “The Universe in its essence has always been what it is now. Matter, energy, and life have only varied as to shape and position in space.”
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Lecture 3 Notes - 1/26/07 Transcription of Dr. Wayne`s...

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