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BSAD 101 essay 2 - Linda Martinez Business 101 essay 2...

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Linda Martinez Business 101 essay 2 Sept. 15, 2010 Leader Leadership is an act of guiding or giving direction. Many people see leadership skills in inspirational speakers or politicians. Teachers or coaches can also contain leadership skills, even if they are not seen by everyone in the world. A leader to me is the head of the group and he or she guides the people of that group. There have been many leaders throughout history who have been good or bad at their position. The leaders who have done a bad job of leading are the ones who think selfishly and the good leaders think about how it will affect the group. My soccer coach, Kevin Ainsworth, is the best example of a great leader. He knew how, when, and what to do during a situation. A quality he has is getting information and giving information. He knew how to get information about the opposing team, such as, if he thinks that it would be a difficult game or if we were going to have to work twice as hard compared to usual. He would tell us this information as soon as he got it, but he usually got the information two days prior to the game. This was beneficial because then we knew what to work on for the upcoming game. Once he started talking then we needed to be quite and not talk while he was speaking. We respected him while he spoke because we knew that what he was going to say was important or interesting. We also respected him because he respected us. He understood the groups and the
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BSAD 101 essay 2 - Linda Martinez Business 101 essay 2...

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