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BSAD 101 essay 4 - Linda Martinez Business 101 Essay 4 27...

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Linda Martinez Business 101 Essay 4 27 October 2010 Reflection As a college student I will be faced with many challenges because college life is all about finding one self. By reflecting on my strengths, lessons, goals, and aspirations I will gain a better understanding of myself. Challenges I will face that affect my future are choosing classes, clubs and developing good study techniques and relationships with my teachers and classmates. The University of Nebraska Lincoln has many resources that will help me better myself. The advisors will help me choose classes, student involvement will help me choose a club, and going to the workshops or having a tutor will help me develop better study techniques. My signature themes make up who I am. As a peaceful person I can settle an argument between two friends and I try to ease it out by finding a common ground between them. Also if someone wants to debate about a specific situation I stay clear of it and try to create a new conversation about matters we could agree upon. I am a driven person, who needs the feeling of achievement in a day. I have a fire in me that force me to do more. The achiever part of me will always be with me and it will be the jolt that will get me to start or finish new tasks and new challenges. I am an organizer, in the inside and outside. I mean by that is that I keep things organized in my head and in my surroundings. I like to keep things in order so that I could find them quickly. I create list on a daily routine so that I know what to get done. Last but not least I
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BSAD 101 essay 4 - Linda Martinez Business 101 Essay 4 27...

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