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Linda Martinez Dr. Joseph F. Goecke 2 May 2011 Final Paper 3. In both the plays “Bakkhai” and “Lysistrata”, they use women to criticize Democracy. Women are easily manipulated so this shows that democracy represent fickleness and instability. In the play “Lysistrata” the men represent the democracy and the women represent the oligarchs. The men in this play that represent democracy are just as old as democracy in Athens, so they are 100 years old, which signifies that they old and cannot defend themselves anymore. The women in this play represent the oligarchs because they have been quite throughout the war, but they are tired of this so they reveal their veils, which mean that they will be expressing their opinions. Also, those women are fragile and kind, so no one should be afraid of them, just like the oligarchs. The women’s chorus leader is having an argument with the men’s chorus leader; the women’s chorus leader begins: “What are you scared of? Do we seem a throng? / You’re looking at just .01 percent.” “Impossible to let them blather on! / We’d better whack them with this wood instead.” “Girls, put your pitchers down, out of the way./ So if they lift a hand, we’ll be prepared.” “If somebody had done a proper job/ Of slapping them, they’d keep their yappers shut.” “Fine. Try it. Here’s a cheek for you to smack./ And then I’ll tear your balls off like a bitch.” “…No kidding. What about the women here?/ They’ve even emptied pitchers on our heads,/ Washed against our will. Our cloaks are drenched./ You’d think that we were incontinent.” This conversation shows that the woman have more power than the men. The women are able to shut up the men and are able to ruin their plan. Also since the women represent the oligarchs that this means that the oligarchs have more power over democracy and that they should be in charge of the polis because of their leadership skills and power. Also the play “Bakkhai” uses women to
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criticize democracy. Dionysus is rule by the common people and democracy is the rule by the people. Women in this play represent democracy and Pentheus represent the oligarchs, because he is a rational thinker and knows what is realistic. He does not believe Dionysus is a god so therefore he thinks that democracy is not the government that they should be under. The women act as the democracy because they are calm one moment and the next they are dangerous, this means that democracy is unreliable and unpredictable. Democracy is not a stable government and will bring pain to the people under that government. First messenger is telling Pentheus about the scene he had just seen. He saw his mother and the other followers of Dionysus slaughter cattle, destroy two towns, and beat off an army of hoplite men. First messenger says, “People in the towns/ Felt fury at this pillage and fought back./… For men threw pointed spears and yet could draw/ No blood…The women, hurling thyrsoi with their hands, Dealt those people
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classics final paper - Linda Martinez Dr Joseph F Goecke 2...

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