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Philosophy SRP5

Philosophy SRP5 - successful gained it Umbria also...

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Linda Martinez Philosophy SRP 5 November 9, 2010 Territorial integrity is the maintenance of a state’s borders or in other words, preventing others from crossing the border or moving the border. This is when war is just because one is protecting their right to their property. Caledonia has the right to protect their land from other states who want to invade. They have the choice of using all their resources to make sure that the other state does not invade. These resources may be military advice or actual physical help from Berungia. Umbria is threatening Caledonia by having their troops align along the border. Preemptive strikes are just when a state is perceived as posing a threat of aggression. Umbria is showing a sufficient threat in which it shows intent to injure. Umbria has in the past battled with Caledonia to gain that territory, so there is no reason they wouldn’t try again and again until they
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Unformatted text preview: successful gained it. Umbria also demonstrates a degree of preparation by having troops align along the border after the aristocrats flee from Caledonia. If Caledonia waits for Umbria to attack it will increase the danger. Umbria knows that if they attack Caledonia while Berungia is not there they will over power Caledonia. Berungia is just to intervene because the aristocrat, the current government, does not have the ability to help itself from the revolutionaries the internal enemies. The aristocrats lost the majority of their army because most the men went to the opposing side, the revolutionaries. Losing control of the capital city shows that they are weak and need outside assistance. Caledonia needs Berungia to arrive at the border before Umbria moves into the state of Caledonia....
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