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Philosophy SRP6

Philosophy SRP6 - Linda Martinez Philosophy SRP 6 According...

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Linda Martinez Philosophy SRP 6 November 16, 2010 According to Walzer, when a government engages in mass murder of its own people, then a foreign state can send an army to stop the killing and also has to replace the government or begin the replacement. Aggressiveness and murderousness makes the political leadership a legitimate candidate for forcible transformation. After the main goal of having the foreign state stop the killing is complete then the result of the intervention is regime change. Walzer also states that an authoritarian regime that is capable of mass murder but not engaged in mass murder is not liable for a military attack and political reconstruction. When we act militarily, we respond to the evil that men do or are doing but not to the evil that they are capable of doing or have done in the past. The Baathist were committing extreme human rights violations before the invasion of Kuwait. In my opinion, it seems that they are taking a break from the violation of
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