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rough draft phil

rough draft phil - Linda Martinez Philosophy Term Paper...

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Linda Martinez Philosophy Term Paper December 17, 2010 Against Drugs In our country people of all races start to use drug. Drug usage is very dangerous for people and their future. So for the sake of all our health and our society, drugs should be prohibited. Drugs will lead to bad health for the users' brain and body. Drug user’s brain will begin to work or understand concepts slower or not at all because the drug is killing brain cells. The slow moving brain will eventually lead to vehicle accidents and the loss of money for companies. Some people choose to legalize it because they believe that the forbidden use of drugs will make more crime now than ever. That is incorrect because many people who became involved with drugs were previously criminals. So if drugs are legalized then the thief or other criminal will go into more criminal action by dealing drugs and under cutting the sale price of the drug. Drugs that cause significant harm and no benefits then it should not be allowed. To begin, making drugs an unattractive choice will help the no increase the use of it. For example, legalizing gambling has not reduced illegal gambling, but rather increase it. Legal gambling is taxed and regulated, illegal gambling is not. So this goes the same for marijuana, legalize it; then we will increase the use of it and also set the stage for illegal trafficking. Marijuana is often thought of as a drug for hippies and losers. Many young people do not want to grow up to become a loser and then feel useless, so by putting this label on marijuana it will help the resistance. Young people in high school focus on their studies first, and then school related activities, and lastly their job.
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Students who use drugs will be around the environment of drug dealers. They will become influenced by others and decide not just to continue using the drug but to sell it for a profit. They will soon realize that there is no profit from dealing drugs so they will
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rough draft phil - Linda Martinez Philosophy Term Paper...

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