CECN640-Union Growth, Incidence, and Impact

CECN640-Union Growth, Incidence, and Impact - Union Growth,...

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Union Growth, Incidence, and Impact Highlights The central thrust of this topic, which includes chapter 14 and a portion of chapter 16, involves: (a) The variables that have an influence on the likelihood of a worker being unionized, and (b) The impacts that unions have on economic outcomes. (1) Unions and Collective Bargaining in Canada 1. Conceptually, “unions are collective organizations whose primary objective is to improve the well-being of their members.” This includes economic gains and better working conditions. 2. There are two types of unions: Craft unions , which represent workers in a particular trade or occupation (e.g., construction), and Industrial unions , which represent all the workers in a particular industry (e.g., automobile and steel). 3. A key indicator of union presence is the union density rate , defined as the percentage of the civilian labour force, either aggregate or by sector, that is either a union member or is covered by a collective agreement specifying wage and employment conditions. 4. Union density tends to be: (a) highest for middle-aged workers, (b) similar for men and women, (c) highest in Quebec and lowest in Alberta, (d) higher for full-time workers than for part-time workers, (e) much higher in the public sector than in the private sector, (f) higher in large firms than in small firms, and (g) increases with job tenure. (2) The Legal Framework
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CECN640-Union Growth, Incidence, and Impact - Union Growth,...

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