CENG 112 Essay Instructions summer 2011 (2)

CENG 112 Essay Instructions summer 2011 (2) - Assignment 2...

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Assignment 2: Essay IMPORTANT NOTE: You may not choose to write on the text you covered in Assignment 1 or the text you will cover in Assignment 3. If you repeat a text, you will forfeit 50% of your mark. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THIS REQUIREMENT. IMAGINE THAT IT IS SURROUNDED BY LITTLE FLASHING STAR THINGS. Due: Tuesday, July 5, midnight. THIS DATE IS ALSO SURROUNDED BY LITTLE FLASHING STAR THINGS. Worth: 30% Length: 1,500 – 2,000 words. Format: Double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins. Citation: MLA. Please read up on this format and conform to its specifications. Check the MLA handout (in the “Handouts” folder) or the Ryerson Writing Centre’s website for specific guidelines. List of Works Cited: Required. Failure to include it will lose you 20%. Failure to include cited works in the bibliography (including the primary texts) or to cite works properly within the body of your paper will also result in a penalty (scaled according to the severity of the problem). Research: None required. The essay may be a pure close reading if you like. However, secondary sources are not forbidden this time around (though your argument should be your own ; secondary sources should be used only for support). If you use them, you must cite them correctly whenever you draw from them. Be especially sure to provide a citation within the text every time you take words, information, or ideas from a secondary source. It is strongly recommended that most of your sources be academic in origin (unless they are pop-cultural documents that help you support your points). Wikipedia, SparkNotes, Answers.com, Ask.com, and all their little friends are out of bounds. (Note on Wikipedia: if you absolutely must use it, do so for its reference sections and not the contents of its articles. The articles may be informative, but they are also unregulated and sometimes poorly referenced.) If you draw material from the course modules, please cite them. Content: Your essay should have an introduction, a body of supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. See the outline for general grading guidelines. Plagiarism Policy:
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CENG 112 Essay Instructions summer 2011 (2) - Assignment 2...

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