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CHST504_Introductory Letter_Summer 2011 (1) - INTRODUCTORY...

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I NTRODUCTORY L ETTER FROM Y OUR C OURSE I NSTRUCTOR W ELCOME TO : CHST504 DA0: F ROM W AR TO W AR : I NTERNATIONAL R ELATIONS 1900-1945 S UMMER 2011 T ERM ! Congratulations on your decision to enroll in CHST504: F ROM W AR TO W AR : I NTERNATIONAL R ELATIONS 1900-1945 ! As your instructor for this course, I am looking forward to helping you learn more about issues, which have shaped – and will continue to shape – the contours of international relations in Europe and around the world. The historical landscape of interwar period has witnessed various ideological, political and social transformations that have had enormous reverberations up to the present time. I hope this course will enable you to deepen your understanding of history as well as spark your own insights into the impact of the interwar period on the present. M ARKING S CHEME : There will be one outline, one essay, and one final examination. The grade breakdown will be as follows: First Assignment (i.e. essay outline) - 15% due June 9 Second Assignment (i.e. essay) - 45% due July 25 Final Examination - 40% on August 6 Carefully read through all the instructions for the two assignments. Make sure that you clearly understand all the requirements and expectations before submitting your work. C OMMUNICATING WITH ME : ■ Please contact me by email (or by phone) immediately upon receiving this! ■ As your course instructor, I will be grading your essay assignments and exam and am available to discuss any aspects of the course with you either personally (if you make an appointment) or over the telephone and/or Internet. Feel free to call me or email me with any concerns you may
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This note was uploaded on 10/12/2011 for the course BUS 550 taught by Professor Manjuris during the Spring '11 term at Ryerson.

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CHST504_Introductory Letter_Summer 2011 (1) - INTRODUCTORY...

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