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Control Mechanisms Paper Marketing The Coca-Cola Company is steeped in history and tradition, where heritage is honored and values are respected. They are a global family of people working together to bring a wide array of beverage choices to meet the beverage needs of every one. One thing the coca cola company prides itself on in their marketing department is their Responsible Marketing Practices -- Advertising and Marketing to Children plan. While this policy has been in effect for their sparkling, full calorie soft drinks for more than half a century, their efforts continue to change in step with consumers' needs and the marketplace. This is a very interesting plan the company has taken because it shows that instead of focusing on children the marketing team shows that they focus on every person young and old. As a global company, The Coca-Cola Company also makes every effort to adhere to the local, cultural, political and religious requirements in every market that they serve. They are committed to monitoring this policy to ensure it is responsive to
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