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Running head: DEFINITIONS PAPER 1 Definitions Paper Robert Miley University Of Phoenix OI361 MELVIN NOWLIN, JR. December 01, 2010
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Definitions Paper In this paper on definitions I will look at the words Innovation, creativity, and design. I will also define these terms and express how they are implied in business. These terms will also be compared and contrast to one of another. Innovation- It is a process in which invention or idea’s are translated into a service or goods that people will pay for. Innovation can also be defined as an idea that is replicable at an economical cost that satisfies a specific need (Business Dictionary, 2010). Innovation is in implied in business as a result from a technical idea or a scientific application in decreasing the gap between the expectations or needs from the customers. Design- It is a concept of realization or configuration of an idea, plan, model, drawings, pattern that assists to develop and achieve the items designated objectives (Business Dictionary, 2010). In business, designs are described and implied as a value of
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Definitions Paper - Running head: DEFINITIONS PAPER 1...

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