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The strategic plan of Snap-On Inc. involves flattening the structure of the organization with the intent of pushing the responsibility as well as the functionality closer to the consumer. Snap-On Inc. will eliminate any redundancy within business units or combine them to increase efficiency and economies of scale. The company will implement any shared services program within the administrative, research and development, engineering, manufacturing, and order fulfillment departments. Finally but most importantly, create a greater franchisee and customer access to Snap-On , together with a improved and more responsive customer service plan. This strategic plan is estimated to achieve a cost savings of 60 million dollars per year. The principles of Snap-On are Quality People, Operational Fitness, and Profitable Growth are embedded in the daily functions of this organization. Quality people are the core of any successful company and Snap-On believes this to be true. The purpose of operational fitness
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Unformatted text preview: is to improve operational excellence. A business must operate at peak efficiency to survive good and bad economical times. Reducing costs and constant quality improvements are the key factors of success and Snap-On believes this to be true. Snap-On uses a bottoms up philosophy when it comes to improvement regarding their systems and processes. Profitable growth means as the company grows so does the profitability of running a corporation as large as Snap-On. This is achieved by continually offering new products, acquiring new technology, and core growth. Snap-On believes they have an obligation and commitment to provide quality equipment to the professional technician. They are commited to the development of solutions which make their employees more productive and profitable. The increase in sales reinforces their belief of their decision to invest in new technology and products. References Snap-On .com retrieved from: http://www.snapon.com/...
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The_strategic_plan_of_Snap.doc_Rick's_part - is to improve...

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