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Week 4 discussion - activities and their interrelationships Next would be to determine the capacity of each step in the process Identify the

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Define process analysis . What steps would you take to analyze a process? What are the best methods to evaluate and improve a given process? Process analysis: Process analysis is an approach that helps managers improve the performance of their  business activities.  Process analysis generally involves the following task: Define the process you are trying to analyse.  In my current business we are trying to figure out what people we  need to lay off in order to have the highest quality people working for us. The second part would be to construct a process flow diagram that illustrates the various
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Unformatted text preview: activities and their interrelationships. Next would be to determine the capacity of each step in the process. Identify the problem areas, meaning, the step having the lowest capacity Evaluate further limitations in order to quantify the impact of the problem areas Use the analysis to make operating changes and improve the processes. The best way to improve any given process is to take everything that wasn’t working from the old processes and either get rid of them or reconfigure them to work the way you want them to....
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