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Case study - Case study By Robert Miley Mgt 445 Where to...

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Case study By Robert Miley Mgt 445 Where to start? How about at the beginning about a year ago my sister got me a job working for a large medical services company in southern California. During the initial first couple of months I kept my mouth shut and did my job. Also during this time I start to gain extra duties like training new people and fixing equipment. Later I was put in charge of hiring new techs and various other things. At the time my thinking was do as much as I can to help my sister look better and make as much money I could. As time passed my sister would tell me things that were happening at other locations and problems she was having with other people, I took this as her wanting me to help her. What really happened is that most of the things I would tell her she wouldn’t listen to and basically get mad at me for telling her what to do. As time passed things got worse for her and she started to bad mouth the director of the program (her boss) and threaten employees ( including me) with our jobs.
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