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week 5 notes - emerging strategy for outsourcing business...

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Outsourcing: One of the top business trends the future of outsourcing can be best compared to an hourglass considering the growing demand for skilled workers today in most developed countries, it can be seen that there’ll be more people who would rather opt to work as skilled workers and earn more than enough for their family than stick with their profession and earn a little or just enough for their daily needs. as India and China resort to more skill-oriented outsourcing, the questions that the United States would increasingly need to ask is: why should a software guy with the same qualifications be paid more in the US, when there is a similar guy in India willing to do the same job at one-fourth the cost. outsourcing is continuously expanding when it comes to vertical industry reach as well as geographic scope. Datamonitor further added that best-shoring is now considered the best
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Unformatted text preview: emerging strategy for outsourcing business companies are choosing to outsource specific company functions to locations best suited to perform them. This way, investors would save on costs of sourcing the work domestically and this could further remove the implacability of using only one offshore location The globalisation of the workforce will continue to emerge and there will be a push to increase the quality of outsourcing skills set. Two key trends support the prediction that staffing and executive search firms will further integrate personality testing into their recruitment processes this year. An increasing body of research supports the validity and predictive value of personality testing as a useful employment tool, and the acceptance of this fact is leading to the application of this powerful heuristic in organizations of all sizes....
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