Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing Paper

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Running head: NONPARAMETRIC HYPOTHESIS TESTING PAPER 1 Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing Paper Ruven, Mirtha, Robert, and Jose Res/342 June 27, 2010 Kal Oliai MBA
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NONPARAMETRIC HYPOTHESIS TESTING PAPER 2 Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing Paper In this paper on Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing we will formulate a hypothesis statement regarding your research issue which is real-estate. This paper will also include a five- step hypothesis test on the data. Also we will explain which nonparametric test you used to analyze your data and why you chose that test. And lastly we will interpret the results of our test, and explain the differences, if any, that you observe from our Week Three paper. In our week 3 paper we talked about how Real estate encompasses land and the improvements made on the land; including buildings, fences, and landscaping. The real estate industry is the process of selling and buying all that includes real estate. Hundreds of homes, offices, commercial buildings, and land are sold every month across the country. There are thousands of real estate companies and within these companies there are even more real estate agents that work hard to sell real estate to make a percentage off of each loan processed. There are many aspects that are considered when determining what real estate sells faster and for a larger profit. For example, number of bedrooms, square footage of the property and the building, number of bathrooms, distance to the buyers work, what school the home is assigned to, and various upgrades; such as a pool. A research hypothesis test was performed to agree if H0 and H1were accepted and to determine which real estate sells better and why In a statistical research there is different testing that the researchers need to accomplish to find different solutions to their current problem. In our previews paper we started
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Nonparametric Hypothesis Testing Paper - Running head...

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