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week 4 quiz - Week 4 Quiz Name Problems 1-11 each worth 8...

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Week 4 Quiz Name: Problems 1-11 each worth 8 points Problem 12 is worth 12 points 1. In a Chi-square Goodness of Fit test with 7 categories calculate df or degrees of freedom? a ) 3 6.251 b) 7 12.017 c) 2 4.605 d) 6 10.645 e) 5 9.236 2. is the formula for a) the dependent t-test. b) the independent t-test. c) the one-way analysis of variance test. d) the chi-square test. 3. A nonparametric test is one that makes no assumptions about the specific shape of the population from which a sample is drawn. a ) True b) False 4. Nonparametric tests or distribution-free tests usually focus on the sign or rank of the data rather than the exact numerical value of the variable. a) True b) False 5. Characteristics of the chi-square distribution are: a) It is positively skewed b) It is non-negative c) It is based on degrees of freedom d) When the degrees of freedom change a new distribution is created e ) All of the above f) Only a,b,c
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