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Jose Aceves Group Paper Research Question and Hypothesis Major league baseball brings millions of viewers to their stadiums each season. The attendance of the games helps bring money to the teams through ticket sales, food sales, alcohol sales, and team paraphernalia. All of the twenty-nine major league baseball teams listed in the data set bring in a different number of attendance annually. Looking at the data set for major league baseball players a common question arises: Does the team making the most income reflect the annual attendance number. Research questions commonly start from interest, but are broken down to a reasonable question and testable through scientific measures. Therefore, the
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Unformatted text preview: research question becomes a research hypothesis that can be tested and measured through research, statistical data, and scientific formulas. This question can be tested through a linear regression based on the amount of money the team pays to the players and the correlation to the attendance amount. As the research question gets broken down and more defined it becomes a statement or a question based on reasonable scientific means. Hypothesis : Major League Baseball teams make more money based on their annual attendance. This hypothesis can now be tested through statistically information using the major league baseball data stats and a linear regression test....
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