20.self+control - Chapter 20 Self-Management(aka...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 20: Self-Management (aka Self-Control) What accounts for the occurrence of complex behavior in the absence of any apparent contingencies? Maintenance over long periods of time (healthy diet that avoids heart disease) Organizational skills (developing and following a work plan) Highly novel and creative behavior (writing a play) Persistent and varied performance (research leading to a scientific discovery that wins a Nobel prize) Singular unusual acts (heroism resulting in death) Behavior analysis view: Such performances are acquired as a result of more immediate consequences, and are extended through the processes of stimulus control, chaining, conditioned reinforcement, and generalization. Self-Management Definition (Miltenberger): Occurrence of behavior at one point in time to control the occurrence of another behavior at a later point in time (p. 385) An example: Writing a term paper But what about: Buying ice cream? Characteristics: Occurrence of a response that has long-term value to society or the individual even though reinforcement is delayed...
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20.self+control - Chapter 20 Self-Management(aka...

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