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Token Reinforcement (aka Token Economy) Definition: A set of contingencies involving the use of conditioned reinforcers (tokens), which are later exchanged for other reinforcers (backups) Underlying Mechanisms: Conditioned reinforcement: Tokens acquire reinforcing properties due to pairing with backup reinforcers Generalized reinforcement: Tokens substitute for a variety of backup reinforcers and are not dependent on specific deprivation states (EOs) Delayed reinforcement: The token-backup exchange is delayed in time from the occurrence of the target behavior Multiple contingencies and schedules Components of a Token Economy Target Behaviors Reinforcers Token reinforcers Backup reinforcers Contingencies: Behavior token: (Sr + , Response Cost, DRO, etc.) Token backup: Usually Sr + Reinforcement Schedules: Advantages: Efficient method for delivering reinforcement (token delivery) Accommodates a variety of contingencies (Sr + , DRO, response cost), reinforcers, and schedules Allows management of a wide range and large number of target behaviors
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22a.Tokens.Phillips - Token Reinforcement (aka Token...

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