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Unformatted text preview: Kroenke USING MIS(2e) – Chapter 1 Crossword Across: 1. To get the most out of this class, consider the ____ you encounter in the context of your major field of study. 6. Changing the ____ component in an information system is the most disruptive to the organization. 7. No author, teacher, or systems analyst can be totally ____. 9. ____ workers are employed by high-volume organizations. 10. Data becomes information when it has a ____. 11. Information should be ____ both to context and to the subject. 12. Every computer-based information system contains hardware, software, people, ____, and procedures. 15. ____ states that the number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every 18 months. 16. ____ are defined as the development and use of information systems that help businesses to achieve their goals and objectives. 17. Management needs to consider the ____ of information in relation to its benefits. 18. An email program might be an example of a ____ information system. 20. A keyboard is an example of ____. 21. Every information system can be thought of as consisting of ____ components. 23. The speed of ____ has doubled every 18 months. 25. It is illegal to actively seek out ____ to which you do not have authorization to access. 26. The two outermost components in the framework are both ____. 27. ____ information was entered into the system correctly and is more dependable for making decisions. 29. The methods used in producing information is referred to as ____. 30. The five components in the framework are ____. 31. ____ link problem-identifiers and problem-solvers. Down: 2. ____ like collaboration are in strong demand. 3. Both software and procedures in the five component framework serve as ____. 4. Although it is not possible to increase your IQ, it is important to realize that you can increase the ____ of your thinking. 5. It is easier to work with your co-workers if you get in the habit of trying to understand their ____. 6. ____ the material will help you to get the most out of a class on MIS. 8. Information should be ____ sufficient, so that you are not overwhelmed. 13. An example of a ____ information system might be a system for tracking customer calls into a call center. 14. Every computer-based information system contains hardware, software, people, data and ____. 19. The five ____ are common to every information system. 22. A word processing package is an example of ____. 24. Information is ____ data. 28. A group of components that interact together to achieve a goal or purpose is called a ____. Answers not represented: “goals and objectives”, “high value organizations”, “price/performance” ...
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