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Experiment 5 - Potentiometric Titrations Name___________________________ Report Sheet Partners________________________ (12 points total) ________________________________ 1) Table 1. Titration data for various acids. 2pt for completing the table. initial pH pH at ½ equivalence Volume at equivalence final pH 0.010 M HCl 0.020 M HCl 0.030 M HCl 0.010 M CH 3 COOH 0.020 M CH 3 COOH 0.030 M CH 3 COOH 0.010 M HCOOH 0.020 M HCOOH 0.030 M HCOOH 0.005 M HOOCC 2 H 2 COOH 0.010 M HOOCC 2 H 2 COOH 0.020 M HOOCC 2 H 2 COOH Results and Discussion: 2) Which of the acids studied are weak? Which are strong? How can you tell from the data? 2pt. weak acids- acetic, formic, maleic strong acid- hydrochloric might comment on any of the following: difference in initial pH, shapes of titration curves, magnitude of Ka, etc. 3) Calculate the pKa for the three weak acids from the Ka values given in the lab manual. How do the experimentally determined pKa’s compare with the calculated values?
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Exp%205%20grading%20-%20potentiometry%20-%20f06 -...

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