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Exp3-molarity-F07 - In the Report This will be your first...

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37 In the Report This will be your first formal lab report. Follow the guidelines in the introduction to the lab manual under “Your Laboratory Grade.” Some further assistance is given below. Overall, you have used the technique of titration to calculate the concentration of an acid. (A) Prelab: As always, the prelab exercises should be completed prior to beginning the experiment. The prelab questions will be separate from the layout of the formal report, since they do not relate directly to data gathered in lab. 2 – All prelab questions answered completely and correctly. (B) Purpose: The student describes the overall purpose or goal of the experiment. 6 - Succinctly states overall goal, by distilling and synthesizing information from the lab without including information about methods, data or other sections of the report. Has a reasonable title. (C) Methods: The student describes equipment, techniques, and theory used to achieve the purpose of the lab.
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