Hypothesis worksheet-F07 - before proceeding. Research...

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Names of researchers:____________________________________________ Chemistry 1A Hypothesis Development Worksheet DUE before you leave lab October 17-23 For students Topic: Question about the topic: Your Hypothesis: For your selected hypothesis, brainstorm supporting questions (i.e. what you need to know to decide whether your hypothesis is correct). Keep in mind that the supporting questions need to inquire about the molecules and chemical principles involved. a) b) c) d) e) f) It is possible that in brainstorming supporting questions and performing some initial research you will realize that you need to revise or refine your hypothesis. This should not be a cause for distress. Decide if your supporting questions lead you to a new hypothesis and start the process again. If you wish to change your hypothesis, be sure to get feedback from your GSI
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Unformatted text preview: before proceeding. Research Process Worksheet-GSI Grading and Feedback Review results with each group during lab October 25-31 For GSIs use Critique the students hypothesis using the rubric below: Score This hypothesis can be supported or refuted answers the question you have about the topic. is appropriate for Chem 1A. is appropriate in scope for a poster presentation. /4 The grade on the hypothesis section is _______ points. Feedback for the students: Score Supporting Questions covers the scope necessary answering them will serve to support or refute the hypothesis must inquire about the molecules involved must inquire about the chemical principles involved /4 The grade on the supporting questions section is ______ points. Feedback for the students:...
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Hypothesis worksheet-F07 - before proceeding. Research...

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