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Department of Electrical Engineering, University at Buffalo EE 203 : Circuit Analysis (Spring 2008) Project 2 - Modified (Due on 04/28/08) In this project you are asked to perform design of an OP-AMP circuit based on hand calculations and then simulate the same in PSPICE. The project is due in class on 04/28/2008/. Missed project submission cannot be made up and will result in a grade of zero. TAs will assist you in doing your project during the office and Lab Hours. Objective 1. Find the values of unknown resistances namely R f , R b and R c 2. Find the values of unknown currents namely I a , I b and I c for the given values of voltages V a , V b and V c . [0.75, 1.0 , 1.5 V Respectively] 3. Check the PSPICE results obtained against an analytical solution. Project Description 1. Use PSPICE - Capture Student for the project. 2. Assume the op amp is ideal. Design circuit such that output v o = 2 v a + 3 v b + v c 3. Create a circuit as in Figure1. 4.
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Project%202-Modified - Department of Electrical...

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