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Unformatted text preview: Properties of Ionic Compounds Forming NaCl from Na and Cl2 NaCl from Na and 2 Electrostatic Forces COULOMB’S LAW • A metal atom can transfer an electron to a nonmetal. • The resulting cation and anion are attracted to each other by Force of attraction = (charge on +)(charge on -) (distance between ions)2 The oppositely charged ions in ionic compounds are attracted to one another by ELECTROSTATIC FORCES . As ion charge increases, the attractive force _______________. As the distance between ions increases, the attractive force ________________. These forces are governed by COULOMB’S These COULOMB’S LAW. electrostatic forces. This idea is important and will come up many times in future discussions! Importance of Coulomb’s Law NaCl, Na+ and Cl -, m.p. 804 oC Electrostatic Forces MgO, Mg2+ and O2m.p. 2800 oC Page 1 ...
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