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CHAPTER 16- 10th POPULATION AND URBAN SOCIETY- pages 365 - 376 1. World issues a. China b. Exponential growth 2. Population growth a. Historical look a.i. Why was early growth so slow? a.ii. Why are recent increases so rapid? 3. Demography a. Fertility a.i. Crude birth rates a.ii. Fertility rate b. Mortality b.i. Crude death rates b.ii. Infant mortality rate b.iii. Replacement rate b.iv. Life expectancy c. Migration c.i. Internal migration
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Unformatted text preview: c.ii. Immigration c.iii. Emigration d. Combinations i. Growth rate or rate of reproductive change ii. Basic demographic equation 4. Theories of population growth a. Malthusian Population Theory b. Marx’s Theory of Population Growth c. Demographic Transition Theory d. Second demographic Transition 5. Mechanisms used to control fertility...
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