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CHAPTER 2- 10th DOING SOCIOLOGY: RESEARCH METHODS 1. Introduction a. Methodology b. Objectivity c. Researcher bias d. Ethics 2. Basic steps of research a. Define the problem b. Reviewing previous research c. Develop hypothesis (one or more) c.i. Causality vs. association c.ii. Variables (c.ii.1) Dependent (c.ii.2) Independent c.iii. Operationalizing variables (c.iii.1)Validity (c.iii.2)Reliability c.iv. Durkheim’s Suicide (see also pages 14 - 16) (c.iv.1) Egoistic (c.iv.2) Anomic (c.iv.3) Altruistic
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Unformatted text preview: d. Determine research design and collect data d.i. Surveys (d.i.1) Sampling (d.i.2) Interviewing d.ii. Experiments (d.ii.1) Experimental vs. control group (d.ii.2) Field experiments d.iii. Observation studies (d.iii.1)Participant (d.iii.2)Unobtrusive (nonparticipant) d.iv. Secondary Analysis (Documentary) e. Analyzing the data and drawing conclusions e.i. Presentation of findings e.ii. Statistics...
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