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CHAPTER 3- 10th CULTURE 1. Culture a. Material culture vs. nonmaterial b. Culture vs. society vs. population 2. Components of Culture a. Material a.i. Technology a.ii. Innovations (a.ii.1) Diffusion (a.ii.2) Reformulation a.iii. Cultural lag b. Nonmaterial culture b.i. Cognitive culture (b.i.1) Beliefs (b.i.2) Values (b.i.3) Ideologies b.ii. Norms: (b.ii.1) Explicit (b.ii.2) Formal
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Unformatted text preview: (b.ii.3) Informal and implicit (b.ii.4) Mores (b.ii.5) Folkways (b.ii.6) Laws (b.ii.7) Ideal and real b.iii. Language (b.iii.1) Symbol (b.iii.2)Sapir-Whorf hypothesis 3. Across cultures a.i. Mechanisms of change a.ii. Culture shock (a.ii.1) Ethnocentrism (a.ii.2) Cultural relativity 4. Subcultures...
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