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syg outline ch8 t10

syg outline ch8 t10 - c Synthesis 4 Social class in America...

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CHAPTER 8- 10th SOCIAL CLASS 1. Social stratification a. Social inequality b. Social mobility c. Status inconsistency 2. Dimensions of social stratification a. Economics b. Prestige b.i. Esteem b.ii. Honor b.iii. Occupational stratification c. Power 3. Theories of social stratification a. Conflict a.i. Marx a.ii. Weber (know his name) a.iii. Modern b. Structural functional
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Unformatted text preview: c. Synthesis 4. Social class in America today a. Measurement methods b. Upper class b.i. Upper-upper b.ii. Lower-upper c. Middle class c.i. Upper-middle c.ii. Middle-middle d. Working class (lower-middle) e. Lower class e.i. Working poor e.ii. Poor 5. Consequences of social stratification...
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