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syg outlinech4 t10

syg outlinech4 t10 - a.ii Mind Self and Society Mead b...

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CHAPTER 4- 10th SOCIALIZATION AND DEVELOPMENT 1. Socialization a. Primary b. Secondary c. Adult 2. Nature vs. nurture a. Nature a.i. Darwin a.ii. Sociobiology b. Nurture b.i. Behaviorism b.ii. Studies of deprived socialization 3. How people develop a sense of self a. Sociological theories a.i. Looking-glass self- Cooley
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Unformatted text preview: a.ii. Mind, Self, and Society- Mead b. Psychological theories b.i. Freud b.ii. Erikson (you do not have to know stages) 4. Early socialization a. Family b. Schools c. Peer groups d. Television, movies, video games...
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