LA1203 Final lecture review

LA1203 Final lecture review - LA-1203 Lecture Final...

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Unformatted text preview: LA-1203 Lecture Final Reviewa.Paintings1.Kindred Spirits by Asher B. Durand1.i.Two people in scene Thomas Cole and William Cullen Bryant1.ii.Thomas Cole – founder of the Hudson River School of Painting1.iii.William Cullen Bryant – poet, literary person, idea for central park1.iv.Hudson River School of Painting – first school of painting from the new world1.iv.1.Style was showing raw wilderness, nature, natural landscapes2.The Rocky Mountains, 1863 by Albert Bierstadt2.i.Bierstadt was part of the Hudson River School of Painting2.ii.Sold for the highest amount up to that point3.The Course of Empire: The Savage State, 1834, by Thomas Cole3.i.The Course of Empire = series of paintings3.ii.The Savage State = 1stof the series3.iii.The Pastoral or Arcadian State 1834 = 2nd3.iv.The Consummation of Empire 1835-36 = 3rd3.v.Destruction 1836 = 1836 = 5th; last in series 4.Franklinia Altamaha by William Bartram 4.i.Son of John Bartram4.i.1.John Bartram is the kings botonist4.i.2.William Bartram is the first American born artist naturalist from the new world4.ii.Go to the Altamaha river and find this plant and name it after Benjamin Franklinb.Review Questions1.Who is the first born artist naturalist1.i.William Bartram2.Who was the kings botonist2.i.John Bartram3.Who painted Kindred Spirits3.i.Asher B. Durand3.ii.Thomas Cole 4.**In 1820, only 1 out of 10 paintings was a landscape painting; 1832 was the start of the Hudson River School of Painting5.Painting of the Hudson River schools went to Acadia and painted nature; the people who could afford fancy estates went there to establish their cottages; shows the importance of wilderness and nature through the school of painting6.The head of the Hudson River school6.i.Durand who lives on after Cole...
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LA1203 Final lecture review - LA-1203 Lecture Final...

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