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Landscape Lecture Notes - 1. Map projection: Goodes...

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1. Map projection: Goode’s interrupted projection – broken up 2. Scale: first number 1 represents anything, 2 nd number represents the number of times that unit is on land. Small scale map (large area); large scale map (small area, much more detail) 3. Ways of showing relief: hillocks, hachures, contour lines. Can also use color and shade 4. San Andreas fault is big ring of fire on the coast of California 5. Fieff gardens on fault line 6. Fall line where water falls are on all the rivers 7. Rocky mountains physiographic province: section is a subdivision (smaller unit than the province). Two or more provinces are physiographic regions. Yellow stone is in the middle of the region and grand tettons is in the middle 8. Piedmont: “foot of the mountain”. The outwash from the erosion that has been caused along the Appalachian Mountains. Line separting Piedmont from coastal plain is the fall line. 9. John Wesley Powell—“A report on the lands of the arid region of the united states with a more detailed account of the lands of Utah” a. Went down the grand canyon b. Homesetead act of 1862 – 160 acres – A. Lincoln. Provided families with 160 acres, if used correctly would take care of family c. Land west of the 98 th Meridian – Arid d. 80 acres with Water is as large as a family needs to operate e. 2560 acres needed to support a family through stock-raising – 4 sections f. 160 acres too much or too little g. 1 section = 1 sq mile, 640 acres 10. Division of physiographic provinces. Need to know names and where they are located.
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Landscape Lecture Notes - 1. Map projection: Goodes...

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