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Final Exam Study Guide (Cumulative) Format 75 Questions Multiple Choice, Matching, T/F Africa Map— 10 Questions Chapter 1 7 examples of converging currents of globalization Critics, Proponents, Middle Ground toward Globalization Population Indicators—i.e. RNI, TFR, etc. The Demographic Transitions Model (5 Stages) Religion—universalizing religion (example), ethnic religion (example), secularization Push/Pull factors East Asia Korean Peninsula—Exhibited Regional Complementarity Meiji Restoration Kim Jong-il, Kim Il-Sung, cult of personality Taiwanese geopolitics—history, Chiang Kai-shek One Child Policy, Who introduced it? What are the problems associated with this policy? Central Place Theory, who came up with this theory? What does it mean? Macau Case Study, Significance in terms of the cultural landscape, Stanley Ho The Great Leap Forward—Two aspects of this reform The Cultural Revolution—What was its purpose? What did it do? Sun Yat-Sen, Mao Zedong, Chian Kai-sheck, Deng Xiaoping significance of these Chinese
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Final_Study_Guide_1.docx - Final Exam Study Guide...

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