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Study_Guide_Exam_10 - Exam 3 Study Guide Know all the...

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Exam 3 Study Guide Know all the countries on the continent of Africa! (I’m not kidding on this one. 10 EASY points if you study the map) – 47 Be able to make connection between the colonizer and colonized Central Asia -- Beauty Academy of Kabul—What did the film say about women living in Afghanistan? -Demodernization – what does it mean for C.A. -Cotton -Life Under Taliban—examples --Soviet Impact Listed 2 --Religion—Rural to Urban differences, cultural Muslim --Questions of Culture—2 primary directions --Who is Ahmed Shah Masud and what is significant about September 9, 2001? --Afghanistan National Geographic Magazine – 25 years never saw a picture of her face Development and Economy of Central Asia during the Soviet period—3 examples Hint:Collectivization of agriculuture, russianization Discussion of various Stans The great game Southwest Asia and North Africa Reel Bad Arabs—documentary Representation of Place Affects 3 groups of people Maghreb Define what it is. What countries make up this area?
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