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Changing Scenario of Financial Management in India

Changing Scenario of Financial Management in India - should...

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Changing Scenario of Financial Management in India Financial management is continue progressing. As good finance manager, you should see all updates, changes in the fields of financial  management. You should be interested to know what new sources of funds are developed at international level. What new projects are in  current period? What amendments are done by Govt. in Tax laws? Following are the main changing scenario of financial management in  India 1st Changing Scenario of Financial Management in India : Interest Rates Interest rates are control by RBI and other commercial bank's rates are affected from RBI's action. If you have to ascertain cost of debt, you 
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Unformatted text preview: should know this. 2nd Changing Scenario of Financial Management in India : Value of Shares Value of shares now can be determined at premium or discount freely. But you should determine your shares value at optimum level because under and over subscription both will decrease the EPS. 3rd Changing Scenario in Merge As good finance manager, you should keep you eye on who is takeover which company. To merge other company may be sometime most profitable deal. Like other type of investment, finance manager should take of its benefit. Today update deal is that PVR has bought all the stake of PVR Pictures ....
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