Medical sociology Chapter 11

Medical sociology Chapter 11 - a Problems of Social Control...

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Chapter 11: The Physician in a Changing Society I. Introduction a. Public attitudes of doctors are more critical b. Discriminate against the poor, dehumanizing c. Economic position d. Problems of medicine development as a profession: i. Fails to consider a holistic view of patients as people ii. Led to a gap in status between physicians and nonphysician medical personnel iii. Separation of group/ professional training II. Social Control of Medical Practice
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Unformatted text preview: a. Problems of Social Control i. Lacking buereaucratic supervision and judgment by the recipient of services ii. Laypersons do judge technical performance control over professionals iii. People shop around for doctors because lack of quality, increase money b. Norms of ‘etiquette’ amongst doctors limited exercise of professional control and reduce scope of procedures that colleagues were willing to review c....
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